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King Edward VI Academy

King Edward VI offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential to ensure each and every child achieves academic success.




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Meet our Head of Houses


Hi my name is Mrs Warren, I am a teacher of Art and the head of Franklin house at king Edwards. I have a passion for teaching Art and seeing students express themselves in various art forms while learning new skills that I am able to teach them, but I also have a passion for the welfare and care of all our students at KEVI. I work closely with external agencies to ensure that all students get the support they require to grow academically and personally. I also run the school ski trip for the past 4 years.

In my spare time I love spending time with my dogs.


Hello, my name is Ms Lockyer. I am Head of Newton House and the students in Newton House wear a green tie. The house is named after Sir Isaac Newton who was born and lived in Lincolnshire. I also look after students who move to our academy, both from other secondary schools and those like you who move to us from primary school. I try to make sure that you have all the information you need for your move to secondary school. I will be speaking to your primary school teachers who will tell me about the progress you have made in Year 6 and what interests and hobbies you have. This is a very exciting time for you. My aim is to make sure that when you arrive at our academy you have all the information you need to be ready and prepared for your move to secondary school. If there is anything at all that you are not sure about, please let me know.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.


Hello - my name is Mrs Chambers and I am the Head of Tennyson House at this Academy and am also the School Counsellor here. I spend most of my time here making sure you all feel happy and safe, and I will enjoy the time we will all spend together. I think learning is so important, but also think being part of a team and feeling like you belong is important too, and we work very hard here to help you feel that. We share any worries when they appear and make sure no problem is left for you to deal with alone, and a happy student always learns more too!

When I am not at King Edwards, I am at my home in Wainfleet where I look after my animals. I have dogs and goats, chickens and tortoises and as I am sure you can imagine it is very noisy here at times 🙂

Kind thoughts and looking forward to meeting you all soon


Hi, my name is Miss Reeve and I’m the Head of the best house ‘Willoughby’ and the Safeguarding officer for whole school. The best part of my job is working and supporting you the students. Within the house system me and the other HoH can be very competitive as we all want to win!!! I will always push students to achieve their potential, I think I’m firm but fair. At KEVI the house system works really well as I get to work and support all year groups and for me no matter what colour the tie I will always help.

Outside of school – I have 2 young children which take up a lot of my spare time with all of their sports which is enjoyable to watch sometimes very wet in the rain – not so enjoyable

Meet our Teaching Assistants 

Mr A Brown

Mr Brown here. I have the best job at KEVI: I'm a teaching assistant. This means you'll see me in different classrooms, working with different teachers, and possibly even different subjects. The one thing I'll always be doing, though, is helping students get the best out of themselves. My job is to ensure students have equal access to the learning, regardless of their ability or background. At KEVI we have high standards for ourselves, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to help students reach their potential. Sometimes I'll be working with an individual, sometimes small groups, or I might be floating round the classroom, dropping in to check you're OK. And nothing makes me happier than being asked for help.

Mr C Shudell

Hi, my name is Mr Shudell. I work as a teaching assistant here at KEVI, you will usually find me working with year 9 students in a variety of subject areas; however, this does not mean that other students cannot ask for my support around school.

I have an English Literature and Publishing degree, therefore I am more than happy to share my skills and experiences with students. My main goal with all students is that they enjoy their time spent at KEVI whilst harbouring the knowledge they have learnt from their subject teachers.

Mrs S Sherriff

Hi, I am Mrs Sherriff and I work as a teaching assistant here at KEVI, you will usually find me in humanities lesson (geography, history or R.E.). Sometimes I will be working with individual students or small groups of students but I will always be happy to help any student to do their personal best whether it’s in a lesson or break and lunch times.

Outside of school I enjoy going away in my camper van on weekends and holidays, I also love to make things whether its sewing, knitting or crochet.

Mrs H Waters

My name is Mrs. Waters and I have been at KEVI for 14 years.

My role in school is to support those students that have a diagnosis of Dyslexia. Moving forward from Year 6 into the Academy can be quite a daunting prospect – and I am here to help all students adapt to their new school. Generally, each student will have an assessment report from the Specialist Teaching Team and this will give me strategies to work with you.

You will have a session a week on a 1-1 or 1-2 basis that will help to give you confidence to succeed while you are at KEVI.

I also go into some lessons to support the older students as they prepare for their GCSE’s.

I really enjoy the role that I have at KEVI and it is so rewarding to see students making progress as they move through each year group.

Out of school as most of my students know I have a Westie called Brian so we have lots of walks around Spilsby.

SEND - Assistant SEDCO

Mrs Shudell

"Hello, I'm Mrs Shudell and my role of the Assistant SENDCO is to support the day-to-day running of the SEN provision, seeking improved standards of achievement for students. This role is supported by reviewing, evaluating and implementing strategies to meet the needs of our students. I believe that every student is unique and should be valued for being who they are. I have very high expectations of you all from your presentation in uniform to the effort you put into your school work but above everything, all students must always support, encourage and be kind to one another. I look forward to seeing you in September."

Attendance Officer

Mrs Kwee

Hi and welcome to King Edward VI Academy, my name is Mrs Kwee and I am the Attendance Officer. My role is to monitor the attendance of all students and the reasons given for absences. I need to receive a message or text by 9am on each day that you are unable to attend giving the reason for your absence then I know whether to expect you in school or not - its always a big worry if we expect you in school but you have not turned up and we do not know the reason why.

If there is an issue that is preventing you from attending every day then please talk to me and together with your head of house and your parents/carers we can work out how to best help you - don't forget, good attendance equals good school grades!

You can usually find me in my office (on the ground floor near the science stairwell) and you are welcome to come and see me if you have any worries about coming into school. If I am not in my office -which does not happen very often - I could be either walking around school checking students are where they should be in their lessons or I could be out and about in my little car checking on students who have not turned up to school. If you see me around school please don't be shy and say hi, I like nothing more than seeing a smile and hearing a 'good morning/good afternoon'.

When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my family going away in our little caravan, walking our dog, Benji, supporting in the running of a local swimming club (and doing some swimming myself), and a little bit of horse riding.

Behaviour Support Unit

Miss Smith

I run the BSU - Behaviour Support Unit

I have worked at KEVI for over 15yrs doing various jobs from being a TA to HLTA to HOH.

What I want from our students is to succeed at KEVI, most students will work hard and try their best, some students need more guidance in school with their behaviour. Behaviour is normally shown due to low self-esteem , not understanding questions, unable to work as quickly as other, but this doesn’t mean you’re naughty you just need to be guided to your own way of learning, its finding your pathway.

Lead First Aid and Librarian & Currently Acting HoH Franklin

Mrs Crow

Hello my name is Mrs Crow

I am a very lucky person as I work with such an amazing team at KEVI.

I work in the library, classrooms and I am the lead first aider. You’ll see me all over the school!

The most important part of my job is to make sure every child feels safe, cared for while in school and reaches their full potential.

KEVI wants the best for every child and I hope and try to do my best to support, so every child can achieve their own best. Nothing is better than seeing a child smile when they have achieved the impossible and giving them the courage to have another go!

Out of school I am a Lincoln City fan, love the outdoors and very much a animal lover, you’ll also find me walking down a forest watching WRC or any car rallying in all weathers!

I am looking forward so much to meeting you all and starting the path of watching you become another of our amazing students.

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