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House News!

Term 5 Events


This term we have new exciting events to look forward to!


Charity Fundraising

Kicking the competitions off we have Charity Fundraising. As a house we need to decide what our house charity will be. Each form must decide on a local charity they want the house to raise money for.

As a form students must create a PowerPoint presentation explaining why you want to raise money for this charity and what the charity does. 3-4 students must present this presentation in their house assembly the week commencing the 8th of May. The presentations will be judged. The best presentation will win and house points will be awarded.


House Pursuit

We have House Pursuit which will be played on a Nintendo Switch. Each house will create a team to compete for the House Pursuit title. Teams will consist of one student from year 7, 8, 9 and 10. Students may come along to support their house.



House Rounders begins in a few weeks time. Each house will play against the others in order to gains the house points available for Rounders. 9 students need to volunteer to be in the team. Fingers crossed for some warm sunny weather to enjoy the competition in.


House Sudoku

The maths department are excited to teach our students how to complete a Sudoku this term. Students will then be given a certain time to complete it. All the completed Sudoku will be collected checked and then the house with the highest amount completed wins!