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King Edward VI Academy

King Edward VI offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential to ensure each and every child achieves academic success.

House News!

Table Tennis

A great start to term 3 with House Table Tennis. The staff tournament gave Mercury a huge advantage not losing any of their games. Huge well done to Mr Read and Mr Carrington. Thank you to all the staff who participated. A special well done to those who had never played before but gave it their all showing our students what courage truly looks like.

During the week we have had some tense games between our students where there were narrow wins. The results will be revealed on Monday in assembly.


Next week we start our House Hockey. We are excited to see our students use their skills from lessons in a tournament where all is to play for! The scores are close to every win matters but remember fielding a full team also ensures you win points for your house.

Current scores

The current scores have changed dramatically from the end of term 2.

4th place Minerva on 1375 points.

3rd place Apollo on 1405 points.

2nd place Mercury on 1530 points.

1st place Arete on 1545 points.

House News