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King Edward VI Academy

King Edward VI offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential to ensure each and every child achieves academic success.

House Limbo! Limbo



This week we had KEVI’s first ever House Limbo competition. We had Limbo trials over the past few weeks and each house had 2 competitors from each form to compete. At lunch all the competitors came down to get dressed into their straw skirts and Hawaiian flowers.

They looked fabulous!

The hall was full with spectators who cheered on their house with chants and clapping.

The atmosphere was amazing. The competitors started with the limbo cane being right at the top but quickly it got low.

A special shout out to Ali in 11 Mercury who was the last year 11 left in after many rounds, a great performance!

However, it was Alex in year 8 Minerva who got to the bottom notch on limbo and won! Everyone was chanting ‘Alex’ and the crowd cheered as he conquered the lowest level!


Overall we had Minerva in 1st, Mercury in 2nd, Arete in 3rd and Apollo in 4th. Extra points were awarded to Mercury and Arete who had full teams.

Miss C Eyre