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King Edward VI Academy

King Edward VI offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential to ensure each and every child achieves academic success.

End of Term Letter

17th December 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As it is the end of the autumn term and the Christmas holiday is upon us, I wanted to write to you to with a few updates. We all continue to face many challenges due to COVID but I am so proud of Team KEVI, our students and staff who have all worked incredibly hard during the term. Thank you to all of you, our families and community, for your continued support. It has been fantastic this week to end a long term, many events have taken place including our carol concert, Christmas Lunch, rewards trips, Golden ticket awards and Santa Run.

As we move into the New Year, COVID continues to be a high risk to everyone across our community and the country. I want to reassure you that we will continue to communicate regularly to keep you informed of any updates should there be any changes to information and guidance released by the DFE. Our priority will be to keep staff and students safe and to ensure that even if students or staff need to self-isolate, we will continue to provide a quality education to our students.

Should your child need to self-isolate or in the unlikely event that they need to move to online learning, I want to reassure you we are able to put this in place quickly. Before the end of term, all of our students will be reminded how to login to our online platforms and all students in all year groups have their login details on the inside of their knowledge organisers.

We know that the Government’s priority is to keep schools open, and we expect that we will return to school as normal in January. The new term start date is Wednesday 5th January. As you are already aware, we have been asked to test all students upon their return to school once again for those of you who have provided consent for your child. In order to facilitate this mass testing, we are going to make the following changes to the start of term for students:

Wednesday 5th January: All Year 7, 8 and 11 & 13 students return to school

Thursday 6th January: All Year 9, 10 & 12 students return to school

Testing in school helps to boost participation and will help reduce transmission after a period of mixing over the holidays. We also ask that all staff and students continue to test over the holidays in line with national guidance and before they return to school. Students of those parents who have provided consent have received sufficient test kits to continue to do so throughout the holiday.

The My Child At School (MCAS APP) should be downloaded by all parents if you have not yet had chance to do so. It is essential that all parents have access to this as it is our main form of communication. You are also able to monitor your child’s progress, behaviour, attendance and account spending through this. This can be accessed via  We will use this to send regular updates to parents. Please ensure we have your most up to date contact details including your email address. It is very simple to download the APP, however, there is a good deal of support available for parents and user guides on the dedicated parents’ website:

It is important that our students are well prepared following a school holiday in making a successful return to school and you are key to their success. We want our students to be ready to learn, making the most of the curriculum we offer and taking part in the many extra-curricular clubs and opportunities on offer at KEVI. Please support your child by ensuring they have the correct uniform and are equipped for school. I would also ask you to remind yourselves of the KEVI Way and our high expectations of behaviour and conduct which can be found on our website. It is so important for you to understand how we will support and reward your child as well as how we tackle issues. We have clear boundaries, rules and routines because students deserve to feel safe, secure and calm in school.

Finally, I would like to wish you a very happy and safe Christmas holiday. I look forward to 2022 and the exciting developments that lie ahead for KEVI. Thank you once again for your support in recent times. If you have any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to email us on: This email address continues to be monitored during all holidays. By using this email address, we will be able to ensure that your concern is directed to the most appropriate member of our team to support you.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Myhill-Johnson