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King Edward VI Academy

King Edward VI offers every child the opportunity to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential to ensure each and every child achieves academic success.


King Edward VI Academy endeavour to provide students with exciting and demanding challenges within the curriculum in order to open up opportunities to study core academic subjects and maximise all learning potentials. If you require further information about our curriculum please contact us.

The broad and balanced curriculum for year 7 has been designed to challenge the pupils to make rapid progress whilst they develop a love of learning and gain extensive knowledge. We aim to provide a wide range of practical, academic, social and personal skills in addition to developing resilience. In order to support this pupils are set by ability in core subjects at the start of the academic year according to their Key Stage 2 data. Groups are reviewed regularly to ensure the pupils are correctly placed to feel comfortable yet challenged. The curriculum is aimed at supporting all abilities and varying starting points.

Our curriculum has an emphasis on motivating pupils, raising aspirations and setting high expectations, as well as developing team spirit among pupils to value each other’s contribution and to develop in the Academy.


  • English (Language, literature and Mastery)
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Computer Science
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Design and Technology
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Art

All pupils must study

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Combined)

They then opt from the following four of the following

  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE Art
  • GCSE History
  • GCSE French
  • GCSE Design and Technology
  • GCSE Computer Science
  • GCSE Religious Studies
  • GCSE Triple Science
  • GCSE Economics
  • BTEC Sport
  • BTEC Performing Arts
  • BTEC Business Studies

If you require further information regarding the curriculum at King Edward VI Academy please contact the Academy. 

English Baccalaureate

What does English Baccalaureate mean?

The Department for Education introduced the English Baccalaureate as a performance measure and is not a qualification in itself.

The measure recognises the achievement of a C grade or above in the core academic subjects:

Modern Foreign Languages
The English Baccalaureate will be only one measure of performance, and should not be the limit of schools’ ambitions for their pupils. Schools will retain the freedom to innovate and offer the GCSEs, IGCSEs and other qualifications which best meet the needs of their pupils

The DfE White Paper, 'The Importance of Teaching'

Why has KEVI introduced the English Baccalaureate?

Since 2004, there has been a rise in the number of non-academic qualifications across the country, taken up from about 15,000 to about 575,000.

Many of these qualifications carry little weight in entry to higher education or employment opportunities. The English Baccalaureate measure aims to address the decline in the study of academic subjects and encourage opportunities for students to take up core academic subjects.

In response to the government introduction of an English Baccalaureate measure of student achievement; we have adjusted our key stage 4 curriculum to provide students with the opportunity to achieve this measure. King Edward VI Academy believes we can offer each child the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.

The achievement of a C grade or above in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages will ensure our students are developing a range of skills, enabling them to make informed choices on post 16 qualifications, apprenticeships and employment.

Modern British Values

At King Edward VI Academy we are dedicated to promoting values that ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility.

We prepare the students for life in Modern Britain because values such as individual liberty, democracy, the law, mutual respect and tolerance are embedded within the curriculum and the Academy ethos. In addition these values are promoted at various times throughout the school year, and regularly in assemblies. Our Academy embodies a democratic model in the way we work, the way we are structured and our general ethos and culture in the Academy. Additionally our rules and regulations are there for the benefit of everyone, and our Academy takes a holistic approach to teaching British Values rather than concentrating on individual subjects.

Click here to find out more about British Values at our academy

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